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Mel Maia Shows Off Real Hair During Hair Transition, Explains Difficulties in the Process: “You Either Make It or You Give Up”

Mel Maia Shows Off Real Hair During Hair Transition, Explains Difficulties in the Process: “You Either Make It or You Give Up”

Mel Maia Exposes the Realities of Hair Transition and Reveals What Her Locks Look Like Now. Watch!

Honey Maia And I’m going through hair transition a few months ago. On her third attempt, the actress shared all the details of the process with her followers. This Wednesday (03), Mel Maia showed how her hair is these days. She also explained how she feels and what difficulties she is facing. during hair transition. Watch!

Maia Honey with curly roots

On her secondary Instagram account, Mel Maia appeared with her hair down during her hair transition. She showed how her roots are very curly, while the length of her hair is straight. In the video, her locks are washed and unfinished.

Mel Maia took the opportunity to vent about some of the difficulties associated with her hair transition. The actress confessed that she can no longer wear it big. However, at the same time, your locks also get damaged when they get caught.

Without being able to use it freely, it is impossible. There is no way, I have already tried to finish, but it is impossible. There is nowhere to escape. I do not know how to comb my hair every day, if I do it I will start to go bald. You can only do a plank, but it is not good for the transition. Either I stay like this until I succeed or I give up“, he has declared.

Confident in the new phase

Mel Maia has already tried her hair transition twice before the current attempt. The actress explained that some factors, such as self-esteem and work, ended up having an impact. But this time she is very confident…

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