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Samara Felippo shows offensive message from Fluminense athlete: ‘You’ll have to deal with me’

Samara Felippo shows offensive message from Fluminense athlete: ‘You’ll have to deal with me’

Alexandre Monção accused the actress of embarrassing his daughter during her birthday; the club has not yet commented

The actress Samara Philip he showed an offensive message from which he received Alexandre Moncaoping pong player of FluminianThe message, released on Thursday, 4th, contained accusations against the actress for allegedly embarrassing her daughter during her birthday party, calling Samara a “trash human being.”

OR State contacted Fluminense to take a position on the case, but has not yet received a response. The space remains open.

“She presents herself as a woman, a mother, who doesn’t even know what’s going on in life, interfering, humiliating and insulting the way I ‘mother’ my daughter,” the actress said. She later showed the message, in which she accused Samara of “ruining her daughter’s birthday to get a viral video and 15 minutes of fame again.”

The artist said she also showed the message to her daughter, because, according to Samara, “she needs to be aware of the type of human being she might meet along the way.” The actress emphasized her commitment to using her voice and influence on social media to denounce and address the behavior of men who feel entitled to judge women. “Where did I bother this guy? What does this have to do with my motherhood? Why did he do this? So now he’s going to have to deal with me,” she said.

The incident came shortly after Samara shared a video of her 11-year-old daughter Lara’s birthday. On the record, the actress alters the lyrics of the traditional birthday song, “Who Will It Be With,” to reflect a message of autonomy and personal choice, saying, “It’ll depend on if Lara wants it.”

Source: Terra

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