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Tiago PZK releases “Gotti A”, his second studio album

Tiago PZK releases “Gotti A”, his second studio album

Tiago PZK releases “Gotti A”, his second studio album

Tiago PZK He has proven time and again that he is one of the most innovative artists of this generation, displaying great creative vulnerability and a strong willingness to take risks.

Today, he is confronted with the redefinition of music their exciting second album, “Gotti A.”

It is a battle between Tiago and his alter egoThis unreleased album exquisitely blurs the line between fiction and reality, illustrating the mystical link between their two worlds.

Under the concept of “two sides of the same coin”, “Gotti A” is a balance between Tiago and his alter ego “Gotti A”, in which each song represents a step in his transition from human being to pop icon, showing the duality and metamorphosis of the artist.

This album of 14 songs negotiates various musical genres, such as Latin, urban pop, R&B and much more, to name a few. But one thing is for sure: the essence of Tiago is alive and thriving throughout the album.

Produced by Tatool, “Gotti A” sees Tiago teaming up with cutting-edge producers like Charlie Heat [Kanye West, Madonna, Travis Scott] and Yeti Beats [Doja Cat]among others.

List of songs from “Gotti A”:

1. All stars

2. Dependence

3. Vuelta feat. Manuel Turizo (FOCUS TRACK)

4. I am a blessed feat. Thunder

5. The feat of joy. Anitta and Emilie

6. BB Party feat. Justin Quiles

7. Skin exploit. Characters Ke

8. The Farewell

9. CPR feat. Duki

10. My heart

11. Crystal feat. Nicky Nicole

12. Tony

13. Griselda

14. The last one

Source: Qmusica

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