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Almost R0,000: Hot dogs could make Rafa Kalimann lose a fortune in court. Understand!

Almost R$500,000: Hot dogs could make Rafa Kalimann lose a fortune in court. Understand!

Rafa Kalimann is accused of violating an exclusive contract with Perdigão.

Rafa Kaliman ended up in court for a very unusual reason: the influencer, which airs in the soap opera “Família é Tudo”he devoured a hot dog made with Seara sausage in an exclusive bond with Perdigão. Now the company is asking for R$418,000 for breach of contract. The information comes from the TV News website.

Rafa, recently criticized for avoiding words from the novel’s textwas the face of Perdigão in December 2023. She created a Christmas campaign for the brand’s brand and created a video for Instagram Reels and TikTok, as well as a combination of stories. The brand also had the right to replicate the content on their profiles and highlight the posts for 30 days.

The contract included a three-month exclusivity with the companies in the sector. However, in February, Rafa ate a hot dog sponsored by Seara during a visit to stage N1, at the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. He tasted the sandwich, nodded in approval and gave an interview to a company journalist. All this with the logo of Perdigão’s competitor in the background.


Rafa and the company that represents her, Icone Talents, have been sued for breach of an exclusivity contract. Perdigão says he attempted to contact the influencer and the agency, but was unsuccessful, leaving only an out-of-court notice.

“It is evident the total carelessness with which the defendant treated the situation, without giving anything…

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