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What Happened to Maiara? Rural Consulting Denies Rumors of “Crisis” and “Psychiatric Monitoring”

What Happened to Maiara? Rural Consulting Denies Rumors of “Crisis” and “Psychiatric Monitoring”

Rumors that Maiara had been rushed to a clinic have been circulating on the web this Friday (5) and the national team has spoken out. Find out what happened to the Maraísa duo!

The country singer Mayara has been the subject of much speculation in recent weeks, mainly due to the recent changes he has had in his body and appearance. Many fans of the singer who works with Maraísa and was even goaded by her sister established concern for your healthclaiming “excessive thinness” and even creating theories about depression and other psychological problems. This Friday (5), the Instagram page “Galo Frito” announced that the voice of “Medo Bobo” had been admitted to a clinic, but his team denied it.

Maiara’s team denies that the singer was hospitalized

The profile stated that Maiara had a crisis and was rushed to a health unit, where she underwent a series of tests and was monitored by a psychiatrist. However, the artist’s advisor stated in Fábia Oliveira’s column, from ‘Metrópoles’, that these were just unfounded rumors, further reinforcing the singer’s commitment. “It doesn’t work. In fact, today there is a show in Salto do Pirapora/SP”, the brunette’s team expressed.

An artist’s body and voice have become the target of criticism in recent days

Tuesday (2), Maiara – who already said that he weighs 47 kilos – he was once again the subject of comments about his body in a post on Instagram. Although more ‘reserved’ in her clothing – the singer often shows off her skin in bikini photos and videos – she has received a ‘rain’ of offensive comments for baring her legs.

“Humans don’t really know when to stop. They don’t know the limits!”,…

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