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This is where it all begins: Carla and Berenice watched?  A new theatrical coup in the villa

This is where it all begins: Carla and Berenice watched? A new theatrical coup in the villa

Everything gets stronger here it all starts! Yes, our favorite characters haven’t had a vacation since they arrived at Paul’s (Evie Marciano) villa. Between their host’s weapon collection and blood-stained swimming pool, there’s clearly cause for concern!

Whether the owner of the villa is trustworthy remains to be seen. Needless to say, Carla (Aaricia Lemer) has serious doubts about Rose’s (Vanessa Demoy) new suitor. Unable to feel happy for him, he continues to poke and prowl, hoping to find something to prove he’s not who he says he is.

A new threat to our favorite characters

However, Paul always managed to be reassuring for the moment. But this can all change quickly! As we see in Brand New extraction TF1 has revealed another threat lurking around our favorite heroes.

Indeed, while Carla and Bérénice Tannenberg are flirting and gently teasing each other, we find a man watching them from a distance with binoculars. This stranger cannot be identified, but one thing is clear: he is not the owner of the villa, as he was with them a few minutes ago.

Moreover, we can notice that the climate between Carla and her future father-in-law has clearly calmed down. A change of atmosphere that pleases Rose, who dreamed of success in her relationship with her daughter and new boyfriend.

Who is watching Carla and Berenice?

But then, if it’s not Paul, who else is watching the couple? It’s impossible to know, but the man in question seems willing to do anything to get information about the vacationers, as he decides to follow Jasmine (Zoe Severin), Carla, and Berenice on social media. Is this stalker dangerous? To find out more, tune in tonight to discover where it all begins.

Source: Allocine

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