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“I’d Rather Be Thrown Off a Building Than Fight Him Again”: Pedro Pascal Was Scared After Fighting Paul Mescal in ‘Gladiator 2’

“I’d Rather Be Thrown Off a Building Than Fight Him Again”: Pedro Pascal Was Scared After Fighting Paul Mescal in ‘Gladiator 2’

What a way to add to the hype surrounding the physical transformation of the protagonist of “Aftersun”.

The release of the first images of “Gladiator 2” It was accompanied by some further information about the long-awaited film Ridley Scott, director of “Casa Gucci” and other successful films.

We’ll still have to wait until November 22 to see, among other things, what promises to be a brutal clash between Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal.

“I call him Paul Wall”

As expected, Mescal underwent intense training to achieve a physique that was in no way inferior to that of Russell Crowe. It is true that they are different characters, but the protagonist of ‘Aftersun’ The challenge was enormous and her co-star Pascal made it clear that he was up to the task in the following commentary in Vanity Fair.

It’s brutal, man. I call it Paul’s Wall. He’s gotten really strong. I’d rather be thrown off a building than have to fight him again. Going up against someone so fit, so talented, and so much younger… Besides Ridley being a total genius, Paul was a big reason for me to subject my poor body to something like that.

Recall that Mescal brings to life in ‘Gladiator 2’ the same character already played by Spencer Treat Clark in the first episode. Scott did not clarify why he felt the change of actor was necessary, but considering that Lucius was nothing but a child in ‘Gladiator’, it is not something that will be noticed too much.

Mescal Comments on His Physical Transformation in “Gladiator 2”

In turn, Mescal commented on his transfer…

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