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Eddie Murphy: Brazilian names inspired by comedians; watch

Eddie Murphy: Brazilian names inspired by comedians; watch

Beverly Hills Cop 4: Axel Foley, the sequel to the franchise that has defined generations, arrived on Netflix last week

Is there anything more Brazilian than loving your idol SO MUCH to the point of using the birth of your child as a tribute? In Brazil, Eddie Murphy, in addition to being an actor and comedian, is a soccer player in Maceió (AL), a logistics assistant in Curitiba (PR), an industrial painter in Novo Horizonte (SP), a musician in Campo Grande (MS) and a delivery boy in Ananindeua (SHOVEL).

And, to celebrate the return of the franchise and the character that defined generations, meet five Eddie MurphysMade in Brazil“which proves that there are no fans like the Brazilian ones anywhere else in the world!

Eddie Murphy da Silva – 20 years old – Maceió (AL)

Eddie Murphy da Silva played for teams such as Fortaleza, Vitória and Figueirense, and received his name thanks to his father, who is a fan of the comedian. And there is more: Eddie says that, on the day of his baptism, the priest found his name so strange that he almost refused to carry out the ceremony.

(Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Eddie Murphy Marcelino Barbosa – 30 years old – Curitiba (PR)

His parents were inspired by an Eddie Murphy movie that was playing at the same time they went to register him at the registry office.

(Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Eddie Mourphy de Abreu Vieira – 35 years old – Novo Horizonte (SP)

His parents were named Luis Henrique and Luis Fernando. They decided to change their names when they saw a poster of the actor, of whom they are fans, while he was going to the registry office.

(Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Eddie Murphy Franklyn da Silva – 32 years old – Campo Grande (MS)

Born four years after the release of Beverly Hills Cop 2the franchise was responsible for the name Eddie Murphy Franklyn da Silva. The musician teaches wind instruments at his church and even plays the franchise’s theme song on the trumpet.

(Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

Ediee Murphy Farias Nascimento – 24 years old – Ananindeua (PA)

His name would be Felipe, but his father – a big fan of the comedian – decided to pay homage to the actor, naming his son Ediee Murphy Farias Nascimento, who also became a fan of the comedian.

(Photo: Disclosure/Netflix)

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