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Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca lost their “first child”: this is how they say goodbye

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca lost their “first child”: this is how they say goodbye

Gianluca Vacchi and Sharon Fonseca have announced the death of their “first son”, to whom they said goodbye with touching words.

The Italian “influencer” shared on July 7 via Instagram that it was last week, “between Monday and Tuesday night,” when his dog Gordo died.

“He left us to be the angel he always was in his life,” the businessman said in his statement.

Gianluca Vacchi dedicated a message of love to his “first son”

In addition to uploading a video showing several of their moments with Gordo, Gianluca Vacchi confessed how important he was.

“Since my dear Sharon brought him into my life and I had the opportunity to be his father, because he was my first child, I understood that being parents is an opportunity that God gives us to know a higher form of love ».

“Gordo taught me the deep meaning of unconditional, unique and true love,” she added. “You were a son to me, the first, I loved you unbelievably and you filled every second of my life with your deep love and your ever-pending gaze.”

The internet celebrity thanked the dog for what she believes was the care she gave him when “a variation” appeared in his breathing or tone of voice.

“Thank you, my love, for being my emotional support, the first interlocutor of my soul, yes, because you could hear it like no one else,” he explained.

“You were an angel, the greatest gift, along with my daughter, that I brought into life and yes, both came from your loving mother,” he added.

Vacchi acknowledged that the “pain cannot be explained” that both he and Fonseca are going through and that he does not want to imagine a life without the beloved animal.

“You endured being by our side and when you couldn’t do it anymore, you said goodbye, leaving us in an unbridgeable void and only the great store of love you left us in life will allow us to survive this superhuman pain. he explained.

“Goodbye Gordo, you will forever be alive in our hearts and until we meet again, I will look at your chair every time I wake up at night and slowly the tears will turn into a sweet smile. “I love you, Dad,” she concluded.

Sharon Fonseca honors her “dog” Gordo

For her part, on her own profile on the digital platform, Sharon Fonseca told her story with Gordo, who was a Labrador Retriever.

“You came to me when I least expected it. A message saying you need a new home. An urge in my heart that whispered I should adopt you. “I wasn’t looking for you, much less me, but fate had already written our path together,” he said.

The actress pointed out that the hound was her “lifetime companion”, “witness to the happiest and saddest moments” she has experienced.

“Then we met the love of our life, your dad Gianluca, and our core grew. “I never thought anyone could love you the way I love you, until he got there,” she confessed.

The Venezuelan spoke of the “magical” connection that existed from the first moment between Gordo and Waki, who cared for him until his death.

“Now you will no longer live with me, because you will live in me. I will look for you everywhere, even in the clouds. I will seek your gaze, in every fur child I see. And your caresses in every breeze” he assured her.

“Although I have no tears in my body, today the sadness is full of gratitude because we were very lucky,” he said.

In closing, Sharon noted: “There wouldn’t be enough time together forever. See you soon my love. Fly high. I promise you that I will meet you again in another life. Yours forever, your mom.”

Source: univision

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