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Types of Pepper: Discover the Most Popular in Brazil and Their Characteristics

Types of Pepper: Discover the Most Popular in Brazil and Their Characteristics

Types of Pepper: Discover the Most Popular in Brazil and Their Characteristics

There are different types of pepper that you can add to your recipes; discover the peculiarities of each to choose better

Do you love a a little pepper give that special touch to food? If so, you may have already noticed that there are You can find a wide variety of them at the supermarket. Dedo-de-moça, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, biquinho, jalapeño… there are various peppers that you can use in your recipes or to season ready-made dishes.

In general, they are all very beneficial for the body, in addition to being tasty. Peppers provide benefits such as alleviating inflammation, releasing endorphins into the body, causing a feeling of well-being, good digestion and the presence of vitamins A, B1, B2 and K.

But then, How to choose the most suitable type of pepper for each moment? Basically, you need to know the features of each. And to help you out, we have separated some valuable information about them below:

Most common types of pepper in Brazil

The main types of pepper used in Brazil and their characteristics are:

  • Chili: Of Brazilian origin, this pepper has a more delicate flavor and aroma than other types and this is the main reason for its success. Its consumption and use can be done in different ways, from sauces to desserts. It contains vitamins A and C, being an excellent antioxidant.
  • Chili: It is also distinguished by being less fiery, in addition to being smaller. It is often used as a decoration on dishes or served as an appetizer and, in some cases, it is also liked by those who do not like spicy flavors, since its flavor is not so strong.
  • Jalapeno pepper: With a distinctive flavor and originating from Mexico, the japaleño pepper is harvested while still green and can be used in stuffing, sauces, meat recipes or eaten raw. If it is fresh you can add it as a dressing to salads, especially those with tomato, since the combination of ingredients has a unique flavor.
  • Chili: This already has a very high combustion level and therefore you have to be careful with its quantity. It is pleasant in dressings, sauces or preserves.
  • Cayenne pepper: Known for its medicinal properties, it has numerous health benefits, as it is rich in vitamins A and C. It speeds up the metabolism, helps with poor blood circulation and stimulates digestion, among other benefits. It is most common in fish, beef and chicken, as well as soups, broths and even juices.
  • Black pepper: Black pepper is native to Asia but is popular all over the world. It appears a lot in meat recipes, vegetable salads, eggs and greens.

Source: Cooking Guide

Source: Terra

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