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Paolla Oliveira Takes It Hard In Training Video And Gets Body-Attacked Again: ‘It Was Clear She Was Above The Standards’

Paolla Oliveira Takes It Hard In Training Video And Gets Body-Attacked Again: ‘It Was Clear She Was Above The Standards’

Actress Paolla Oliveira posted a motivational video of her workout routine on social media, but was surprised by an unwanted comment from an Internet user, who attacked her body

In the last months, Paola Oliveira transformed hard target Internet User Reviews for your body which many considered “outside the standards”. While to be considered one of the 10 “hottest” women in the countrythe actress has once again been the victim of comments about her curves.

After a long debate on the subject and some invectives on the aesthetic pressure on social mediaPaolla Oliveira published this Monday (08) a new video on her Instagram profile, showing a bit of her training routine.

In content, the girlfriend of Diogo Nogueira He appeared in a tight red tracksuit while dedicating himself with a lot of energy to boxing, rope and aerobic exercises. In the caption, Paolla Oliveira reflects on the enthusiasm (and sometimes lack) of taking care of one’s health through exercise:

“Sometimes I feel the need to change the order of things. I don’t wake up excited every day to work outcarry that heavy rope, throw punches or jump rope, or something like that. But I go, not because I have to, but because of the possibility that it will transform me. And I stay like that, I make a bad face, I say a few swear words and immediately after I feel taken by another energy! Now I am more available and active. It’s not about getting excited while doing it, but about doing it to get excited.!”, wrote the actress.

The video led to new attacks against Paolla Oliveira

The new video posted by Paolla Oliveira on Instagram has ended up dividing the opinions of some Internet users. Although there had been no criticism of her body for a long time, the actress was once again…

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