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Piece of Me: Is the Netflix series with Juliana Paes inspired by a true story?

Piece of Me: Is the Netflix series with Juliana Paes inspired by a true story?

The story of Netflix’s first Brazilian soap opera has intrigued subscribers who have taken a look at the new production.

First inside most viewed series in Brazil, the recent addition to Netflix features a unique and surprising story, starring Juliana Pees, Vladimir Brichta AND Philip Abib.

A part of me and the Netflix’s First Brazilian Soap Opera and tells the story of Liana (Juliana Paes), a woman who experiences a rare condition of heteroparental superfecundation: a pregnancy with twins from different fathers.

Liana has always dreamed of having a child with her husband Tomás (Vladimir Brichta), but everything changes the night she discovers that he has been unfaithful to her. That same day, she is sexually abused, which makes the situation even worse. Shortly after, she takes a pregnancy test and receives the news that she will be the mother of twins, but each child has a different father.

Is Piece of Me inspired by a true story?

The interest of the platform subscribers for unique and intriguing story It is not a coincidence. The situation experienced by the protagonist is unusual, but not impossible. Created by the author of We were six years old, Angela ChavesThe story is inspired by a real and rare case that occurred in the United States.

In an interview with the newspaper The globeChaves confirmed that his reference for the soap opera plot had been in the works for a long time, just waiting for the opportunity to be produced.

I read in a newspaper that an American woman had twins from two parents…

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