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‘In the fight to lose 5 kg’: 10 years after bariatric surgery, Leandro Hassum reveals new recent weight loss; the actor has lost almost 8 kg

‘In the fight to lose 5 kg’: 10 years after bariatric surgery, Leandro Hassum reveals new recent weight loss; the actor has lost almost 8 kg

Leandro Hassum has updated his social media to show how his body is doing after recently losing 8 kilos. Focused on his weight loss, the actor wants to go further and has already set his next goal

Those of the ‘old school’ surely remember it Leandro Hassum playing Jorginho in ‘The Stick Boys‘, What also brought Marcio Melhem in the cast. Much thinner today than then, the actor does not hide the fact that he went through a bariatric that changed your body and your health.

Leandro Hassum underwent bariatric surgery at the end of 2014linked to a healthy diet and exercise routine, helped the actor to lose 65 kilos. Before weighing in the range of 150 kgthe artist has reached the incredible milestone of 85 kilograms.

Now that he is 50 years old, those who think that Leandro Hassum has stopped struggling to keep up with the times are wrong. Focused on maintaining good shape, the actor updated his social networks with a new photo this Tuesday (09), revealing a new weight loss, this time of almost 8 kilos.

The weight loss also came with a new goal for the artist: “7.5 kg off. In the fight for minus 5 kg“, wrote Leandro Hassum in the caption of a photo in which he appears with a glued tank top in front of a mirror. In the comments, Internet users encouraged the actor:

“Your life is one big struggle with your weight! May your joy and humor always be present in this fight,” wrote one follower. “This positioning makes all the difference,” commented another. “It’s turning out to be a real show,” praised a third Leandro Hassum fan.

Look at the photo in the gallery!

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