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Alice Wegmann on the Challenges of Her Acting Career: ‘The Internet Epidemic’

Alice Wegmann on the Challenges of Her Acting Career: ‘The Internet Epidemic’

After Babaioff’s criticism of influencers’ presence on TV, actress Alice Wegmann vents on social media

The actress Alice Wegman He opened his heart and made a strong outburst on Tuesday night, 07/09. After the actor’s review Armando Babaioff regarding the presence of influencers on TV, the celebrity posted a reflection on social media.

“I am an actress. After being a human being, a citizen, a woman, I am an actress. Taking inspiration from Armando Babaioff’s speech that I posted in the stories, I want to talk about our future. We are a generation that has graduated in medicine and instagram in psychology and instagram in acting and instagram”start.

It is completed: “I did 4 years of theater and have been in the profession for 17 years. I learned about Shakespeare but I was never taught how to be an It girl. I love fashion. And I love influencing you to read more books, see more plays, listen to more music. I continue to share what I love every day, but for a while now everyone has been so worried.”

“Internet Epidemic”

Alice Wegmann reported on her social networks a situation she recently experienced. “This is a comforting post, because I believe that art can withstand all crises, wars and pandemics. And it will withstand the Internet epidemic. Recently a brand contacted me because they said “my feed was beautiful”, but they didn’t even know what an actress represents for their country”She said.

Careers are built in the long term, good actors are the ones who stay. I’m still figuring out how to reconcile my real profession and this second profession that the world has forced me to have. And this is the honest story of someone who sometimes gets a little lost. There are many and I want to be all of them, but above all I want to be the real Alice. Soon I will start my next adventure and I will spend a month and a half in the north of Brazil, meeting people I have never met, living stories I have never told. Recently I listened to Claudia Abreu, I listened to Denise Fraga, I listened to Marieta Severo, I listened to ZezĂ© Mota and I listened to Fernanda Montenegro. Then I understood, with more strength: I am an actress. This is who I am. The rest of me is still silence”, concluded the artist.

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