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‘Out of the Globe and…’: Ana Maria Braga receives a shocking and worrying prediction from a psychic on the web

‘Out of the Globe and…’: Ana Maria Braga receives a shocking and worrying prediction from a psychic on the web

Ana Maria Braga received a very impactful prediction from psychic Bianca Godoi on paranormal social media. Details

Ana Maria Braga she was the new celebrity to receive an important and impactful prediction from Bianca Godoi. Responsible for predicting Davi Britto’s win in “BBB 24” nearly three months early, in the last few days the sensitive one has already asked Gusttavo Lima to be careful AND warned Larissa Manoela of a pregnancy.

This time, the psychic claimed that Ana Maria Braga could face a new health problem by the end of the year, in a post shared on Tuesday (9). “Seeing her out of Globo. December, so much friction and serious health problems,” Bianca told the artist, who He showed his sincerity after Brazil’s elimination against Uruguay on penalties in the quarter-finals of the Copa America.

Some Internet users, commenting on the post, left positive messages for the commander of “Mais Você”, who in October celebrates 25 years on the air. “God bless her”, asked one. “God bless you with health”, added another fan of the artist, a former contract worker for TV Tupi and Record.

Ana Maria Braga has already had lung, skin, rectal and breast cancer

It is worth remembering that in February a medium claimed to have received a psychographed letter from the culinary expert Palmirinha Onofre, who died in May 2023, asking your friend to take care of her healthSince the 90s Ana Maria Braga has had to deal with some health problems.

One of the most serious was rectal cancer. in 2001. In January 2020, the artist was also diagnosed with lung cancer, which reached evolve into metastases and have only a 20% cure rate.. Five years earlier, the “av…

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