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Lore Improta Responds to Criticism of Nanny’s Treatment: ‘Every Day It Gets Harder’

Lore Improta Responds to Criticism of Nanny’s Treatment: ‘Every Day It Gets Harder’

The dancer showed a video in a restaurant and was accused of interrupting the professional’s meal

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The dancer Improta Lore responded to criticism over the treatment of his daughter’s nanny, Lisathe result of her relationship with the singer Leo Santana. In a video posted to Instagram, she showed the 2-year-old running to talk to a waiter at a restaurant, and then the dancer called out to her nanny, who was eating, and pointed to her daughter.

The attitude did not go down well with followers, who claimed that Lore interrupted the professional’s meal. The incident occurred during a family trip to Rio de Janeiro.

“Come on, my loves, let’s go back to the little video I posted of Liz playing with the waiter. So I’ll do it like this: ‘Leninha’, what is Leninha doing? Look where Liz is. Leninha wasn’t interrupted from her lovely lunch to run after the little girl (…) Now, if she wanted to get up to go after Liz, she could have gone. Just like me,” he replied.

The mother said she was getting a lot of negative comments and showed some of them. “The nanny was eating and had to go check on the baby. Put your phone down, woman,” one follower said. “The poor thing is eating and you make her get up from the table and run after her baby,” another criticized.

Léo Santana’s wife complained about the difficulty of showing her daily life on the Internet. “Every day it becomes more and more difficult to post things for you here… We have to do intensive therapy to not lose our temper,” Lore said.

Source: Terra

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