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Find out where Hermano Hanning, former SBT journalist, is

Find out where Hermano Hanning, former SBT journalist, is

Hermano Henning remained at Silvio Santos station for more than 20 years

Brother Henning He was one of the main journalists of SBT for more than 20 years, in addition to having worked at Globo. He is currently responsible for the news program Brasil News, on the Rede Brasil channel.

Hermano remained at SBT from the 1990s until 2017 and was fired due to internal changes at the station. Silvio Santo. The journalist ended up filing a lawsuit against the channel in 2018. In the legal battle, the communicator claimed workers’ rights, arguing that despite being hired as a PJ, he had employment relationships as an employee of CLT.


Henning lost the case, which at the time was estimated to cost around R$20 million. Hurt by SBT, he even gave an interview news on tvin 2020, in which he vented about the events.

“I worked at Globo under the same conditions. We are employees, I never had any problems. Never. I was the host of the CBN newspaper and I stayed there for a long time, this is also a Globo organization. I worked at Manchete, when the station was on the air and at TV Aratu there were never any problems leaving it like that”, He said.

“[A saída]It wasn’t very friendly for the simple fact that one day they came and said, ‘The program’s off the air. Everybody go home.’ That was exactly it.” he further reported, stating that, at the time, Silvio Santos claimed he knew nothing.

In 2018, when he joined the Rede Brasil channel, where he remains today, Hermano spoke about that moment in an interview with NaTelinha:

“A network that is emerging strongly is Rede Brasil. It has a whole structure that has everything to grow. Behind it there are people interested in investing and transforming it into a network that is competitive with other broadcasters. It is a possibility that the journalism market is expanding. We had Esporte Interativo who left, Abril who sent away I don’t know how many journalists… There is a crisis that has hit journalism and at a time like this there is a new network willing to do it. We invest and we do not ignore it”, celebrated on the occasion.

Source: Terra

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