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Pabllo Vittar Makes History on Spotify: First Drag Queen in Global Top 50

Pabllo Vittar Makes History on Spotify: First Drag Queen in Global Top 50

Singer Pablo Vittar has just entered the history of world music by conquering a place in the Global Top 50 From Spotifybecoming the first drag queen to achieve this feat.

The music AlibiInterpreted by Sevdalise, Pablo Vittar AND Isoldeis dominating the charts and has reached #47 on Spotify’s global chart. In addition, the artist already has more than 6 million monthly listeners on the platform and a base of 12 million followers on Instagram.

Recently, Vittar released the album “Tropical Beats Vol.2”taking fans on a sonic journey through rhythms that are a reference and part of the artist’s cultural background. The album celebrates the diversity and richness of Brazilian culture.

Pablo Vittar He also took part in the new album of Priscilla

The invitation was made when the album was ready, resulting in the rewording of a track. The song chosen for the singers to share vocals was “10/10”.

In your own words, Pablo Vittar shared on his Instagram: “I’ve been working on PRISCILLA for 2 years, a pop album that I performed, wrote and produced. I’ve felt satisfied and proud since we finished this work, which made me think a lot. Today we measure the value of art by the approval of the world, when in reality the value lies in the act of creating, in feeling that your art represents you and in the awareness of having done your best. For me, PRISCILLA was born this way it was planned, and allowing my art to be free in this way already makes this album a success.”

It is worth remembering that the new album of Priscilla It was released by Sony Music May 9th.

Source: Terra

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