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Absurd! Yuri Lima Gains More Than 100K Followers on Instagram After Iza Reports Cheating

Absurd! Yuri Lima Gains More Than 100K Followers on Instagram After Iza Reports Cheating

Iza revealed that Yuri Lima cheated on her while she was pregnant. However, the footballer has gained more than 100k followers on his Instagram profile. Weird!

From Iza , 6 months pregnant Yuri Limaexposed having been betrayed by the footballerthe athlete won more than 100k followers on Instagram this Wednesday (10). The singer, who received a statement from her ex-partner two weeks agoHe opened his heart on social media, be supported by artists like Anita AND Marina Ruy Barbosa. However, it seems that people’s curiosity (or even doubt!) about his ‘version’ is taking over the web. Weird!

Yuri Lima, the player who cheated on pregnant Iza, gains more than 100k followers after being exposed by the singer

After being exposed by Iza and Leo Dias, who revealed the spicy conversations between him and Kevelin GomesYuri blocked all comments on your Instagram profile. However, the number of his followers on the platform has increased by more than 100 thousand! At the time that the voice of ‘Dona de Mim’ spoke out about the betrayal, the Mirassol player had 332 thousand users following him online. In a few minutes they rose to 354 thousand, 370 thousand, until reaching 400 thousand. At the time of writing this article he had 454 thousand. On Yuri’s profile there are still photos with the artist, who is expecting little Nala.

On X, formerly Twitter, users questioned the growing movement on Lima’s profile. “How does this disgusting Yuri Lima gain followers on Instagram, people? This is unbelievable,” one person asked. “You know what’s worse? Yuri Lima’s follower count has only grown since this…

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