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Box Office France: Is The Count Of Monte Cristo Stronger Than The 3 Musketeers?

Box Office France: Is The Count Of Monte Cristo Stronger Than The 3 Musketeers?

Box office France from July 3 to 9, 2024

1 – Versus 2: 1,585,965 entries (cumulative: 5,435,773)

2 – The Count of Monte Cristo: 1,275,985 entries (cumulative: 2,861,950)

3 – Slightly more: 471,943 entries (cumulative: 8,887,231)

4 – No Voice – Day 1: 236,839 entries (cumulative: 635,914)

5 – Horizon: 121,617 entries (news)

6 – Bad Boys Ride or Die: 119,058 records (cumulative: 1,121,610)

7 – Elias: 102,095 entries (news)

8 – Hendrick Family: 56,475 records (cumulative: 176,686)

9 – Why are you smiling? : 56,283 entries (news)

10 – The Blue Lock – Movie: 54,674 records (news)

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“I assumed so, so I say: I want to do more than d’Artagnan”– producer Dimitri Rasami told us a few days ago, who responded to the very good start of the performance. The Count of Monte Cristo in French cinemas.

A goal that should be reached in the coming days, as Pierre Nin’s Alexandre Dumas adaptation has 2,861,950 viewers today, compared to 3,432,815 for the François Civil, Eva Green, Vincent Cassel, Pio Marma and Romain Dury. The film’s release on Friday, just ahead of the Fête du Cinéma, will pay off for the feature, which has already outscored Milledis for ten days (2,583,788 admissions).

Taking advantage of both the final day of the Fête du Cinéma and its first full week in French cinemas, The Count of Monte Cristo is up 7% year-over-year. Which makes sense, considering the previous mark was reached in five days, compared to seven between July 3 and 9.

But this did not allow him to dethrone Pierre Nin. Because his other feature film at the time, On the contrary 2, in which he reprises his role as Shishi in the French version, remains at No. 1 for a third week in a row. With a very small drop in attendance (only -17%) and a total that is already 5,435,773 viewers.

It is Pixar’s fifth biggest success in France. Beyond The Incredibles, the first to his name, which he’s already outgrown by the time he reads these lines, he’s gearing up for a sequel that shouldn’t be long. Will it go so far as to displace Ratatouille (7,860,899 admissions) and Finding Nemo (9,439,076) to break the studio record? If summer can give him a chance, it will all depend on his ability to hold his own against Despicable Me 4 , which was released on Wednesday, July 10.

Since we are talking about resistance, without history or politics, A little something extra Still impressive. So much so that it would almost become trite as Artus’ film (the biggest hit of all time for a first-time director) approaches the 9 million downloads milestone. And extends the Dîner de cons viewing time lead (9,247,001 tickets ripped in 1998) in addition to greatly reducing its delay What have we done to the good Lord?

Is it enough to attract more than his 12,367,064 viewers? Considering how the comedy, which released on May 1 this year, is defying all predictions, it’s very difficult to predict when its journey will end. But, as with Vice Versa 2, summer can allow him to dream of a brighter future than the current Paris sky.

In the rest of the ranking, Bad boys 4 It will be as difficult as its predecessors. But it became the fourth opus in the saga to reach the milestone of one million downloads in France. The New Adventures of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is now in sixth place, just behind horizonKevin Costner’s Western Best Placed in the Weekly Top 10

Having passed through the recent Cannes Film Festival, the film makes up for its long running time (3h01) with a large number of prints. And 121,617 viewers answered West’s call, allowing the (very) feature film to go ahead. Elias, Why are you smiling? and anime Blue lock. Now it remains to be seen how the Western will hold up as it waits for its sequel on 9/11.

Figures: CBO – Box-Office

Source: Allocine

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