Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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Bruno Krupp is arrested after running over and killing a teenager

The model was arrested in a hospital where he was admitted; second request, he’s not a “crime scene newbie”

the influencer Bruno Fernandes Moreira Krupp25 years old, was preventively arrested this Wednesday, 3, for the murder that killed the student JGCG The boy was surprised by police officers of the 16th DP in a private hospital, where he was hospitalized, in the Méier region, in Rio de Janeiro.

The arrest took place shortly after the decision of Judge Maria Isabel Pena Pieranti, of the judicial office of the Court of Justice in Rio. According to the arrest warrant, the model “is not a novice at the crime scene” and his freedom “would endanger public order”.

The document, second Globe Newsstates that the template he had already been stopped by Prohibition agents three days before the incident, but the blitz did not have the same repercussions. In addition to being run over, lacking a license and being caught by prohibition law, Bruno Krupp has other police records for rape and embezzlement.

Wanted since Landthe advice of template said he had not responded to calls and messages for days.

The influencer was at 150 km / h

According to a witness reported to the police, the motorcycle on which the model was traveling was traveling at a speed of at least 150 km / h when it hit the 16-year-old. The statement appears in the survey released by Globe News.

According to the witness, she was driving her car when she was surprised by a motorcycle. [a de Bruno Krupp] traveling between cars, at high speeds and making noises with the accelerator. Soon after, the model hit the boy.

“The declarant certainly affirms that the motorcyclist was traveling on the avenue at least more than 150 km / h”, says the statement. According to the broadcaster, the limit of the lane where the accident occurred is 60 km / h.

The witness also claimed to have stopped the vehicle and identified a person lying on the road. As she reported: “she (…) visibly injured, trying to get up with the help of both hands, she was already missing a leg, which appeared to have been completely severed at the hip”.

The teenager’s left leg was amputated upon impact and, according to a military police officer, stopped 50 meters before the accident. The young man was saved, but he did not survive.

Bruno Krupp tried his return on the catwalk

in conversation with the Landa close person Bruno Krupp, who preferred not to be identified, said that, like the notice, he has not been able to contact the boy for a few days. What is known, however, is that she was trying a return to the catwalks, recently she would have even made a book.

“An agency in Paris was very interested in it. Now it’s over,” said the colleague.

In addition to being an influencer, Krupp worked as a PR for a restaurant. Those who know him define him as likeable and as someone who is successful among women. Despite the image of “party”, the colleague does not see much future for Krupp in fashion.

“After that, it will be difficult for him to model,” he evaluates.

Source: Terra

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