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Priscilla Alcantara unmasks the fight with the church: “I was put on the wall”

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The singer recently left his gospel career to invest in pop music

Priscilla Alcantara26 years old, he recalled this Friday, 12, a disagreement he had with the Church in his childhood, during the period in which he presented ‘Bom Dia & Cia’, to the SBT.

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According to the singer, as soon as she became successful on television, she was asked to choose between a career or a religion.

“At the age of eight, I had my first church problem. (…) I got to the point where I had to decide between singing on TV or staying in church. My family and I were a little bit put up against the wall by the shepherds “, she explained, in an interview with the newspaper Folha de São de Paulo.

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According to the winner of theThe masked singer‘at the time, his family helped make the decision.

“My parents told me: you have this dream, you are making it come true and the church has several. I chose my dream. I knew that God was with me in this. And that I was going to find another church, ”she continued.

Recently, Priscilla Alcantara she was heavily criticized by the church for leaving her gospel singing career to invest in pop music. In this regard, she has shown not to worry.

“I want people to realize that it’s okay, you don’t have to give up your faith and that singing another song is not synonymous with lack of faith. There is no sweeter word, but it’s a stupid thought. “

Source: Terra

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