Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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‘Victim of a great injustice’, says Leandro Lehart after the conviction for rape

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The Popular Art singer was sentenced to nine years in prison for rape and false imprisonment.

Singer Leandro Lehartof Art Popular, spoke after the press release, this Friday 16, of his conviction for rape and false imprisonment.

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On his Instagram profile, the artist declared that he was “the victim of a great injustice, but soon the truth will prevail”.

In the judicial decision of the 17th Criminal Tribunal of the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJSP), published on Tuesday 13th, the artist was sentenced to “9 (nine) years, 7 (seven) months and 6 (six) days of imprisonment and a 24 (twenty-four) day fine “for the crimes of rape and false imprisonment, which would have been committed in 2019.

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“I have 40 years of career and 50 years of life in believing in justice, and even if it is late, it does not fail. And evil will never prevail”, he defended himself on social media.

The singer, who was once director of the Cultural Center of Sao Paulo (CCSP), responds to the trial at liberty and his defense has seven days to appeal.

In a statement, his lawyers said that “the case is kept in judicial secrecy and is still awaiting a final decision, which prevents further consideration of the facts”.

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