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Maju Coutinho reveals an unusual reaction after the boring situation in Spain

The journalist recounted what his experience in a restaurant in Seville was like; her situation ended up “left” for her husband

the presenter Maju Coutinho he was treated badly by a waiter in a restaurant in Spain and left a message of “worst tortilla in the world” after having dinner. The reporter recounted the whole past situation with her husband Fabio Porchat in the program Que História é Essa, Porchat ?, broadcast on GNT.

“Guys, I went to Seville with my husband Agostinho, and he sold it to me, because he had already been to Spain, he had eaten the best tortilla in the world and I had to know this tortilla, I had to try it, I was already waiting to eat this blessed tortilla, ”he began.

“Dude, it started that the waiter served us very badly. It was already super disgusting, you ordered and he flipped the menu, came back and he pulled, asked for ice water and it came with no ice, and I was on vacation with that tortilla expectation, “he said.

In a good-natured tone, Maju also said that the tortilla “wasn’t all that” and, due to poor service, wrote “La Peor tortilla del mundo” on a napkin and left it on the table. But the reporter forgot a hat at the scene and her husband went back to the club to get it. So the waiter went to take his satisfaction. The husband left without understanding and the presenter made everyone laugh in the audience and around the chat.

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Source: Terra

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