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“Classical euthanasia,” says the Sepultura guitarist about his wife’s death

Patricia Kisser died in July of this year of colon cancer.

Andreas Kisser and his wife Patricia

Sepultura guitarist Andreas Kisser said in an interview with the program Conversation with Bial that his wife’s death was a “classic euthanasia”. Patricia Kisser died in July at the age of 52 from colon cancer.

The musician’s statements should air on this Wednesday 21st edition of the attraction presented by journalist Pedro Bial. According to information from Who magazineAndreas reported that his wife’s body couldn’t take it anymore.

He said he understood the gravity of his wife’s situation when he received a message from the doctor who took care of Patricia while she was on tour with Sepultura in Europe.

“I called the doctor and she said, ‘That’s it … It would be better if you were here,'” he reported.

The band was replaced by a guitarist and then returned to Brazil to accompany his wife.

“When I arrived, I spent two wonderful days with her […], but it was with cars. They were actually weaning her off the machines to see how she would react, “she recalled.

Days after his arrival, Patricia took a bad turn and it was hard for him to see the woman’s last moments. “The news was heavy. I had to feel that the situation was irreversible, that the palliative team would have to enter.”

In Andreas’s assessment, Patricia’s case should be dropped, as it wasn’t going well. The musician had already defended this point during an interview with João Gordo, singer of Ratos de Porão, on the program Protest.

“Patricia was conscious until the end, her case was a classic case of euthanasia. And if we had done it legally in Brazilian law, we could have used this device in her situation, because she was conscious, she couldn’t take it anymore. his body couldn’t take it anymore, an irreversible situation, “he argued.

“Patrícia has always talked about death, and this is a crucial point for society as a whole, not just for Brazil. Obviously being here in Brazil is more difficult, very conservative, many things that hinder direct dialogue,” he added. .


To celebrate the life of his wife, Kisser promotes the PatFest, in Sao Paulo, on the 28th. Among the musicians present there will be Badauí (CPM22), Branco Mello (Titãs), Beto Lee, Chitãozinho and Xororó, and Sandy. The show will have a food preservation.

“PatFest is a seed we want to plant to raise the topic of death and the possibilities of death we can have in life, such as the living will, the compassionate community, everything I didn’t know,” added Andreas.

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Source: Terra

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