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Andressa Urach on reconciliation with her son: “I knelt down and asked for forgiveness”

In a video posted on YouTube, the influencer revealed the details of his rapprochement with Arthur

In video shared on Youtube, Andressa Urach gave details of her reconciliation with Arthur, her 17-year-old son. The influencer revealed that she got down on her knees and asked for forgiveness from her firstborn.

“I bought some things he likes to eat and also a little present for my daughter-in-law and went. I got to the gate, called, knelt down and asked for forgiveness,” he began.

“I cried a lot. I asked his mother, his grandmother, him and my son for forgiveness. ‘Oh, did you humiliate yourself?’ I went, and it was the best thing I did. I won my pride and today I am at peace with her family, with her and with my son. I’m fine, healthy again, light. It’s like a stone. had been removed, a burden, an ugly thing inside of me. Forgiveness healed me, “he said.

Soon after, Urach, 34, revealed that the main reason for seeking this return to the family routine was his health, which is weakened. He recently had an anxiety attack and muscle aches.

“Proud. I thought, ‘they must ask for forgiveness.’ Only that I was getting sick. I was already in physical pain, I ended up in the hospital thinking I was going to have a heart attack, I had an anxiety crisis, I had pain in my bones and everything. my body because of pain, resentment. I lived badly for four months because I was sick with my son, whom I love very much. He had blocked me in everything, and even if I wanted to talk to him, I would not be able to. I should go there, “he said.

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