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Tadeu Schmidt says he smoked marijuana as a teenager: ‘Today I’m against it’

Tadeu Schmidt (from “Big Brother Brasil”) surprised the audience by spontaneously revealing that he smoked marijuana as a teenager. The topic came up on the “Lady Night” program during a chat with Tatá Werneck.

The ‘BBB’ presenter said he can’t “roll a joint” and that the experience with drugs was something he left behind. He also clarified that he is currently against the use of the “greenback”.

“I don’t know how to prepare it, it was a teenage thing, but today I’m absolutely against it [a erva]: If it’s outlawed, you can’t, right?” Schmidt said.

Still on the subject of “personal life” addressed in Tatá’s talk show, the Brazilian journalist confessed that it was his wife Ana Cristina who took the initiative to date.

“I left it at home [depois da balada] and we were 2-5pm talking, and I thought, ‘Is this just friendship?'” Schmidt said, adding that a kiss followed.

In Brazil, the use of “Cannabis Sativa” is still considered a crime, but as of 2006, there is no prison sentence for personal and/or recreational consumption, provided the individual is approached with a small amount.

Currently it is possible to obtain from the Court the authorization to import medicines that contain “Cannabidiol”, which is one of the substances derived from the herb. It is used in the treatment of diseases such as epilepsy.

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