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Vitor, from Metaforando, causes controversy by intimidating a delivery boy who has heard his dog’s name

Youtuber said he delivered the panettone to the delivery guy’s workplace to find out his full name

Vitor, of the Metaforando channel, causes controversy with his intervention in a podcast

Vitor Silva, from the canal Metaphorizecaused controversy on social media when he said in a podcast interview that he intimidated a delivery man who accidentally heard the name of one of his dogs during a delivery.

In the interview, Vitor, who works with behavior analysis and behavioral language content on Youtube, explained that during a delivery, the professional praised his dog. Then, by chance, the youtuber himself went to call the animal, pronouncing its name.

He justified why this was a problem by stating that if the delivery boy decided to “rob” him, he would know the dog’s name. “The boy will come tomorrow, if he’s going to rob me, and he’ll say, ‘hey, so-and-so’, he’ll say the dog’s name and the dog will respond,” the YouTuber said.

Vitor said he went to the deliveryman’s workplace to get a panettone as a gift and, with his boss, managed to find out the boy’s full name, as a “precaution” in case something happened to him.

See the moment below:


Also on Instagram, Vitor spoke on the subject. He justified his speech by saying that the context of the interview, held in August 2021, concerned personal safety and reported that his father was the victim of a robbery because he thought it was a customary delivery.

“Because of my work, I have already suffered death threats, more than once (which also made me change my residence,” he wrote. “I’ve always had the habit of taking preventive measures, investigating, so I won’t have to fix it later ”.

Vitor concluded by noting that, at the time of the interview, the Lázaro case was ongoing and its content focused on “ways to prevent residential attacks”. “I focused my argument on ‘get used to being careful, investigating everything and not providing information that could complicate you'”.

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