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Giulia Be releases her debut album “Disco Voador”

the pop singer Julia Beone of the leading artists of the current scenario, released this Tuesday (22nd) his debut album flying saucer, who embarks on a journey through the stars, time, love and space, finding the singer at different points in her multiverse. The album is now available on all digital platforms through Warner Music.

flying saucer it carries an alien, interplanetary aesthetic and with several references to numerology and the stars. This work has been produced for more than 1 year, between Sao Paulo, Rio And Los Angeles (USA), written and produced by Giuliaalong with his older brother Daniel Marino and its producer since the release of loose girl🇧🇷 Paul Ralphes🇧🇷

The theme of the project is influenced by tropicalismwith international references, such as disco dos 70’s, redefined in the Brazilian style, in a modern version, with the essence of the singer. Like this Not identifiedORfirst track on the disc Gal Costa (1968), music that was the inspiration for Giulia when naming this project, it brings futuristic and spatial references in the productions and lyrics.

“The integration of pop music with this feature of Tropicalism also highlights a cosmopolitan, urban and commercial aspect, as well as bridging the archaic and the modern. I feel I am using this tool in my own way in this project. Where where do my references and references? where does the ‘flying saucer’ go”comments the singer.

Listen to the album:

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