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Bruna Biancardi justifies herself for using a Balenciaga bag after a controversial campaign: ‘I don’t think I’ll go…’

Bruna Biancardi greeted the Maldives with a Balenciaga bag on her shoulder and explained that she only brought this bag for the trip, which started before the controversy. Check out the influencer’s statements.

Controversy with Balenciaga 'splashed' on Bruna Biancardi, Neymar's ex-girlfriend.

Neymar’s ex-girlfriendthe influencer Bruna Biancardi made a series of posts to say goodbye to the Maldives, where have you been on vacation in the last few days🇧🇷 Nonetheless, what most attracted the attention of internet users was the fact that she was using a Balenciaga bag in the midst of the great controversy that the brand is experiencing. The brand has been accused of inciting pedophilia after using models of children on beds and sofas and holding soft toys that alluded to the sadomasochistic style.

Minutes after posting a video in which she appears carrying the Balenciaga bag over her shoulder, Bruna explained that she carried it ahead of the campaign’s fallout. 🇧🇷It was the only one I brought along for the trip. [ela desembarcou em Maldivas no dia 23] – first of all the controversy that occurred with the brand – and, for now, I don’t think I will burn, sell or donate the pieces I had already bought when I admired it”, confessed the young woman.

Bruna was disgusted with the content of the brand campaign. “This does not exclude the fact of the crime and the absolute absurdity of the latest campaign. Something really disgusting and very serious! I think it is important to stop buying new items from Balenciaga, so that they feel the impact of something that was yes , very well thought out by them (like all the releases they do) and hoping they create awareness,” he concluded. BESIDES BRUNA BIANCARDI, OTHER FAMOUS BRAZILIAN WOMEN EXPRESS THE REPLENISHMENT OF BALENCIAGA Balenciaga was one of the favorite brands of many Brazilian celebrities, such as Gkay, which was

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