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Carlinhos Maia makes a statement to her ex, who breaks down in tears during a party

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Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães ended their marriage in October, after nearly 13 years together

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Carlinhos Maya made a speech to gkay lighthouse and declared himself a Lucas Guimaraes, who burst into tears. During the show Ivete Sangalothe influencer spoke after the singer had encouraged the reconciliation of the twowhat they announced their separation in late October🇧🇷

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Carlinhos, who spoke openly about his planning to get back with exshe said: “It would be really nice if we came here and gave each other a kiss, which is what many people who accompany us like. But this time it’s a very different thing, this time I want him to realize how much I love him. And I want to show how much I’m willing to be with him.”

In the audience, Lucas Guimarães was moved to hear the words of her ex-husband. In front of all the guests, Carlinhos Maia talked about how social networks have interfered in the relationship.

“This life, this thermometer we have on the internet, this absurd vanity that we live every day, the desire to prove ourselves and the desire to experience things that we don’t even need just to fuel this infinite ego that we have… This time I saw that the love of my life was actually leaving for a futile stop”.

“It would be really cool if we came here and kissed him and got back together. But this time I don’t even want that. I just want him to understand how much I am willing to change him and love him every day, not the internet, but this time for him,” she added. .

“Lucas, no matter how long you need me, I’m willing to wait for you. 13 years ago, when you wanted me ugly and poor… And today I found myself losing you, the great love of my life, for imbeciles, I say ‘my God, you can take everything from me, but don’t take away my great love’, which is you”, he concluded.

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