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Gio Ewbank details the diagnosis of sensory syndrome of his son: “An absurd fault”

The actress was emotional when she spoke about the importance of understanding Bless’s condition

Gio Ewbank details his son's sensory syndrome diagnosis:

In conversation with Fernanda Paes Leme and Manoel Soares, in the podcast Who can, canlast Tuesday, 24, Joanna Ewbank she didn’t contain her tears as she spoke of the health conditions of her 8-year-old son Bless. According to her, explaining the situation is a way to emphasize to all parents the importance of observing and understanding their children.

During the pandemic, the actress noticed her son “very airy” and found some of the boy’s attitudes strange. “I started thinking that he might have a degree of autism or something. I started looking for doctors to figure out what it was, (…) until I found a doctor in São Paulo who diagnosed him with sensory syndrome. She hears more than all of us, feels more than all of us, smells more than all of us.

Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso are the parents of Titi, Bless and Zayn

Giovanna was sorry she didn’t understand him when she complained about things like that, like walking past the kitchen and talking about the strong smell of onions, for example, or bothering to touch the grass and hearing the noise of flies in the distance. “When I saw the diagnosis, it was an absurd sense of guilt! It was necessary to understand, observe, adapt,” she said.

Despite the initial complexity, the actress assured that Bless is currently living “wonderfully well” with sensory syndrome. Finally, she stressed the importance of her observation of her and that of her husband Bruno Gagliassoas well as the look of several doctors, for the correct diagnosis and the understanding that “it was not freshness.”

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