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Here is the metamorphosis! We Bet You Didn’t Notice The Beautiful Danila Kozlovsky In This 2000s Hit Series

Danila Kozlovsky is one of the main beauties of Russian cinema, who today plays heroes who break the hearts of women. And once Danila was a cute, chubby child – this is how the audience saw her in the TV series “Simple Truths”, which all teenagers watched in the 2000s. Check your attention – have it you noticed then?

The “Simple Truths” series was released in 1999 and immediately became a hit. There has never been such a youth project in Russia. Schoolchildren from all over the country followed such close and understandable heroes of the same age and did not even suspect that they were seeing future stars of Russian cinema. One of those actors was 13-year-old Danila Kozlovsky.

The role in the series was his debut, and his mother brought him to the casting. In the series, Danila played sixth grade bully Denis Seliverstov. It was easy for the young actor to get used to the role – then he himself was not an exemplary boy.

Is it easy to recognize Danila Kozlovsky in her first role?

Of course

No, he has changed a lot.

Source: The Voice Mag

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