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The ‘Euphoria’ actress who has been accused of stealing a 25-euro blouse

The former porn actress, and now a fashion icon, was one of the biggest revelations in season 2 of the famous HBO series.

    The second season of ‘Euphoria’ made us debate whether or not it was better than the first. However, if something was discussed in season 2 of the Zendaya and company series, it was the nudes. Well, part of the blame was due to the inclusion of Chloe Cherry, an actress with 7 years of experience and more than 700 credits in pornographic cinema, who surprised us all in the first episode of the season together with Zendaya herself. It didn’t take long for her to star in the first nude in the series, and that’s when some of us believed that HBO had returned, like Game of Thrones, to using porn actresses just for including nudes.

    But no, as the chapters went by, Faye became a real scene stealer and gave us several great moments with Fezco. She won the affection of the public and became, through giant lips, one of the most viral and present in the memes and reactions of the viewers to the series. Her quirky husband, her lips and her look provided Cherry with a catapult into the world of fashion that she hasn’t given up, and she has managed to successfully translate her pornographic career into the world of fashion and advertising. With several audiovisual projects in her portfolio, and with more than a million followers on Instagram, the new star has gone viral these days due to a scandal related to the theft of a €25 item of clothing.

    The 25-year-old Pennsylvania-born actress and model starred in the event in her hometown of Lancaster. She allegedly stole a €25 blouse according to her own establishment. However, the rap singer also paid for several items in the same store. The problem is that she didn’t pay exactly that after messing with him in the changing rooms.

    It all happened at the Building Character shopping center on December 27, but the details have not been disclosed until now. Police were shown footage of Cherry entering a burglar in her top and exiting her without leaving her inside. On January 27, the actress was formally accused.

    However, according to the local media, several witnesses affirm that she admitted at the time to having taken the blouse to the establishment, and that she even returned it. Something that her representative now denies, saying that there was no type of theft but rather an error with the credit card. In other words, there was never any intention of the model to steal the garment.

    There was a mix up because the blouse was not charged correctly to my client’s card. In no way did she admit to taking the blouse, as that is not the case.

    Cherry’s representatives also accuse the store of misrepresenting facts to take advantage of their client’s fame.

    This story seems to be more about an establishment trading in a celebrity name than anything else.

    In the video, it can be seen how several employees of the premises take a few minutes to enter the fitting room used by Cherry to check if the blouse was there, which was followed by the process of denouncing petty theft. Be that as it may, Cherry will have to appear for a preliminary hearing on March 1.

    Source: Fotogramas

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