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My business: YAASBAE founder Dmitry Nikiforov about his own brand, functional design and love for the process of creating clothes


About the brand idea:

In 2012, when it all started, there was no idea as such, there was a desire to create something of my own. At that time, I did not think about my own production and large sales of the brand throughout Russia and the CIS countries. I consider myself more of a “product” person than an entrepreneur or manager. It is important for me how high-quality and stylish clothes will turn out, I love details and uniqueness in basic things, I selectively approach the choice of fabric and accessories. When creating collections, the whole team pays maximum attention to patterns, cutting and tailoring. The idea of ​​the YAASBAE brand is to create the best, to give the client more than he expects. This is what we call – the chosen style in clothes.

About the team:

Design is mainly done by my wife Anna, it is thanks to her look that the most stylish collections are obtained. But we always jointly decide what we will release and what else we can work on. Sometimes it can take a year from an idea to the final result, right now we are approving the design of the autumn-winter 2022/23 collection. In general, the company does not strive for fast fashion, the YAASBAE brand is a love for the process of creating clothes. Our team is small: when there are a lot of employees in the company, the efficiency drops, I think that the next team member is needed when we can load him with work by 70-90%. To date, we have 20 people on staff, plus, remotely – basically, these are employees associated with content, site maintenance and design. Personally, Anna and I believe that the best people work for us. We do not have offices or partitions, the administrative staff works in one large room, like a single mechanism.

Anna (@nikiforova.ay) and Dmitry (@nikiforov_d)

About collections and bestsellers:

Footer suits are definitely our top and leader in quality among all local brands in Russia, verified! Since 2012 we have been working with knitted fabric, and personally I have already become an expert in this fabric. We buy all knitted fabrics from factories in Turkey, so the color and composition of the fabric is unique to order. For example, this spring we ordered a batch of footer with a modal / viscose composition with a density of 350 grams, clothes with such a density and composition are very soft and keep their shape for years.

Another favorite, especially in warm weather, is our Duspo suit in joggers/shorts + sweatshirt set. We can say with confidence that you will not find a similar suit anywhere, a super light and sexy look for the summer. It is suitable for vacation trips, for evening walks, dancing, sports. This year we’ve upgraded the kit, adding mesh lining and branded buttons with our monogram. The Olympic jacket was also remade, the patterns were completely changed, giving freedom to the sleeves and emphasizing the chest line, and the tailoring of the product itself was also improved.

Every year we increase the model line of the brand, and this spring our novelty is a bomber jacket from the collection “boy or girl?” – sold out in two weeks!

About the media people who wear the brand:

We recently saw an interview with Maria KakDela on the HELLO! website: in the photo she is just posing in a Duspo suit in pink. Maria was one of the first media personalities to pay attention to our brand, for which we are grateful to her.

Regina Redgisinger is a bright and sincere singer and blogger, she doesn’t have a single YAASBAE look in her wardrobe.

Valeriya Valeriya_bearwolf with sexual content and a good sense of humor, one of the largest tiktokers in Russia, 13 million subscribers. Our jumpsuit looks really good on her!

MIA BOYKA is a young and promising singer, she opted for a blue Duspo suit. In our opinion, it fits her style perfectly.

Sofia Broyan (@Sofiyabroyan) is a beautiful person who motivates you to work on yourself every day. Sophia recently chose a couple of our top looks: a spring blue mini bomber jacket + white longsleeve and a black jumpsuit.

Maria KakDela
Regina Redgisinger
Valeriya Valeriya_bearwolf
Sofia Broyan

About plans:

Probably, if I had been asked this question 3 years ago, I would have answered that there are many stores in the Russian Federation and crazy online sales. Today, a brand strategy has already been formed – the vector the company is striving for, and now we are working more on forming a unique YAASBAE code not only in clothes, but also in the design space of our future stores. We will expand the geography of the brand towards Europe, we already had customers from Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain and other EU countries. The biggest difficulty is the costly shipping, but we have options on how to work it out. We, as well as customers, are watching the development of our YAASBAE brand!


Source: Hellomagazine

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