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Why offer a girl menstrual panties?

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But you may not be enough with classic pads or tampons. The next generation is much more concerned about sustainability and the environment. That is why the popularity of menstrual panties is growing among young girls. Do you know enough about them?

Have you heard of Generation Z?

If you have a teenage girl at home, she belongs to her. Generation Z people are currently between 8 and 23 years old. Compared to older generations, they have their specifics in all respects. They communicate more images than words. They always have a smartphone in their hand. They are more prone to depression. They place great emphasis on ecology, sustainability and overall respect for nature. And this is reflected in the selection of menstrual aids for girls. Many of them do not want to use classic tampons and pads due to the high environmental burden they create with this waste. Others are more interested in their health and question the safety of classic aids. Chlorine bleaching, microplastics or synthetic materials have all raised concerns in recent years. Therefore, menstrual panties are growing in popularity. There are several reasons why you should offer them with your first period.

Style instead of shame

You can’t tell menstrual panties from classic ones at first sight. Therefore, girls do not have to be ashamed, even when changing. On the contrary, they can impress, because the range of cuts and patterns is really wide. For example, Modibodi regularly comes up with various collections. Currently, ModibodiRED, which are panties designed specifically for girls, also brings panties for heavy menstruation or at night. They have so many colors and patterns that it’s hard to choose just for some.

Love Luna Menstrual Panties for Girls Bikini Polka Dots – 369 CZK

In addition to the cut, the panties also differ in the degree of absorbency. The strongest can hold up to 50 ml (10 tampons), the weaker 10 ml (2 tampons). The absorbent layer is usually made of wool or cotton and is firmly sewn. This eliminates the stress of an accident that can result from sliding the liner.

Ecological way

As we mentioned at the beginning, young girls today take care of nature very seriously. If a woman uses classic menstrual aids, she will consume about 15,000 of them in her lifetime, which is about 150 kg of waste. It makes billions of tons of waste worldwide every year. This is one of the reasons why some girls are reluctant to use regular pads or tampons, and menstrual panties are a welcome alternative for them. To cover the whole cycle, three pieces are usually enough, which are washed after use. Their lifespan is one to three years.

And what about the price?

One menstrual panties costs on average CZK 500-700, so the initial investment is higher. But there are also cheaper, but still very high quality panties. For example, Love Luna offers panties for CZK 369. If girls want to buy hygiene items “on their own”, this is an ideal option for them.

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