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501®: The number that changed everything

Their button fastening, straight cut and red label on the back pocket do not change over the years and remain the same, but you will still recognize the cultural and stylistic trends of the time in which they were made. This spring is the 90’s and their unforgettable hip and relaxed cuts, in this case Levi’s® 501® ’90s jeans Levi’s® 501®’ 90s shorts.

To make the anniversary celebrations worthwhile next year, Levi’s® teamed up with five visionaries whose style and stories embody 501’jeans this year in honor of the 149 years of the denim icon, giving them new campaigns to pay tribute to them. Own styling of classic 501® Original, 501® ’90s jeans and shorts and last but not least vintage models 501®sz Levi’s®Secondhand seized: actress Barbie Ferreira from the now cult series Euphoria, designer, actor, model and founder of the legendary A $ AP Mob, A $ AP Nast; model and businesswoman Hailey Bieber; DJ of Korean descent living in Berlin, producer and cultural icon Peggy Gou; in conclusion, athlete, philanthropist and activist Marcus Rashford.

Thanks to this campaign, we are celebrating not only the immortal design of the 501® number, but also five unique people whose authentic talent permeates everything they do. The campaign captures intimate conversations that touch on moments that have forever changed their careers and future focus – just as 501®Original has changed the fate of the Levi’s® brand. Also included are eye-catching photographs that highlight their personalities and creativity.

The pivotal moment for Levi’s® was May 1873, when Levi Strauss & Co. obtained an official patent for copper rivets for the blue denim “passport overall”. And although this issue won’t be celebrated for a few more years, the story of Levi’s® 501® couldn’t be stopped. What began as a piece of highly durable workwear became one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in modern history in the middle of the 20th century.

A symbol of youthful rebellion, the basis of informal style, a piece of fabric with creative power and a means of self-expression – all this 50101 Original can be. But most of all, it is a catalyst for a change in clothing perception that affects us to this day. She helped us understand that a single piece of clothing can be a starting point for finding your own fashion style. Over the past 150 years, we have seen people find countless ways to customize and make up Levi’s® 501®, each time in an original way. A real timeless piece that shows that true craftsmanship will never go out of style.

Source: Moda

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