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Cat, fox or puppy lines: what type of makeup will fit your eyes

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In the past, makeup was more of a festive event. It is now becoming a part of everyday life. Women are well aware of the power of good makeup. As cosmetic techniques change with the incoming products and tweaks of cosmetic companies, the methods are slowly turning into retro form. This is especially true in the field of eye makeup. Influencers on Tik Tok thus, sarcastically, discover America. Cat, puppy or dog and fox lines have known women’s make-up since its inception.

Cat eyes

This type of make-up is suitable almost universally. The thicker the line we use, the more retro make-up we can use for the rest of the makeup. In the past, for example, Marilyn Monroe wore this type of line. The current representative is, for example, Taylor Swift. The technique may seem simple, but not everyone can handle it at that level. A big problem is, for example, the symmetry of both lines.

Photo: Pexels

Fox eyes

Fox lines include the upper and lower lines in both corners of the eye. This make-up gives the eyes the illusion of a facelift and is suitable for youthful appearance in the case of wrinkled eye area. We should complement this look with strong eye shadows or false eyelashes.

Photo: Pexels

Puppy eyes

This type of makeup is currently a big hit at Tik Toku. It is the exact opposite of cat eyes. The line in this case points upwards almost vertically downwards as a continuation line of the upper lid. It’s unusual and sexy. But beware! This make-up reduces the size of the eye, which can be undesirable. It is therefore most often used in large eyes, where it looks very cute.

“Puppy eyes mean puppy’s sad eyes, linkavede downwards. Definitely I wouldn’t choose this way for a mature and older woman, we definitely don’t want our eyes to look sad or tired. The right line should continue in the bottom line of the eyelid, so upwards to they also lifted the eye optically, “says Veronika Zapletalová, an independent cosmetic consultant for Mary Kay.

Photo: Pexels

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