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Discover the magic of ionization. ION Mist is not just an ordinary skin freshener

During ionization, mini air particles become electrically charged ions. Ionization helps the skin absorb water and tonic into the skin. The nutrition passes through the layers of the skin and deep hydration occurs. Negative ions called anions fight bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. Ionization has been used in medicine to absorb drugs since 1890. Today, it is used in medicine, for example, to reduce excessive sweating or to speed up wound healing.

How ionization works

During ionization, negative ions, so-called anions, are formed. You may have heard of air fresheners that work on the principle of ionization. Anions are light negative ions that have a demonstrable effect on human health and mental well-being. According to some studies, they also stimulate brain activity and improve memory, mental and physical performance. You can enjoy their miraculous effects thanks to ION Mist spray.

The application of negative ions to the skin significantly increases the absorption capacity of the skin. Cosmetic products get much deeper into the skin, you use all their effects and you can say goodbye to the unpleasant drying of the skin forever.

How ionization increases the absorption properties of the skin

Our skin is always cationic, so it has a positive electric charge. ION Mist spray electrifies the air and creates negatively charged anions, which are attracted to the skin like a magnet. Thanks to them, moisture is absorbed deep into the skin, and in addition it remains “locked” in it. While ordinary sprays tend to stay on the surface and evaporate quickly from the skin, the ionized tonic stays beautifully in it after using ION Mist.

Dry skin, for which creams and masks are short?

Even if you take care of your skin, indulge in a sufficient drinking regime and use cosmetics that should really hydrate your skin and then facilitate the application of makeup, it often happens that despite all this, there is makeup on your face due to the contraction. and dry skin very visible.

This is most likely due to the fact that moisture cannot be fully absorbed into your skin. Cosmetics stick to the skin but do not get deep and thus lose much of their effect. The skin is dry and you may feel that all efforts are in vain.

And this is where the space for ionization occurs. Ionizing effects of ION Mist sprays ensure that moisture gets deep into the skin and hydrates it literally from the inside. Let’s see how exactly it works.

Disinfection and effective fight against bacteria

Another amazing feature of anions is that they fight bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. This is used, for example, by doctors and nurses in hospitals to heal wounds, skin diseases and burns. You will certainly appreciate this benefit every day when applying ION Mistu.

This will protect your skin against bacteria and external adverse effects for the next 24 hours. In order to make the sterilization perfect, the ionization spray also contains a white UV LED light, which lights up each time the spray is used. The light sterilizes the liquid inside and it gets on the skin completely cleansed.

Hydration in a dry environment? Even several times a day

Due to the vibration that is used to spray the tonic, ION Mist forms fog-like molecules. No droplets remain on the skin and the tonic is fully absorbed into the skin. Thanks to this, you can enjoy the amazing effects of ION Mist not only in the morning, but also throughout the day. ION Mist It can be applied to makeup that does not smudge. Although ION Mist works in one use and protects your skin for the whole day, in a very dry environment, we recommend refreshing your skin several times a day.

Source: Moda

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