Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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On vacation without it – nothing: why you absolutely have to buy this skirt for the beach

The fashion world is going crazy for crochet and knitting. We hope that among these throwback trends, knitted summer boots won’t show up anywhere – let them rest peacefully in the 2010s. again at the peak of popularity. And they have something to love!

We warn you right away: this summer we opt for a white crochet skirt. Max for sure. Looks like the beach goddesses got together, thought up and invented the hottest vacation look. The fashion survey is led by Norwegian fashionista Nina Sandbeh, and we can see that she managed to find a spectacular beach outfit. White fishnet, matching monokini, starfish earrings and green mules – if there’s one perfect vacation look, then Nina has it collected.

When going out, we wear a skirt with a short top with voluminous sleeves, the beach look immediately turns into an urban look. Remember the golden rule of summer: the longer the skirt, the shorter the top and vice versa. Let’s add a bright accent bag and massive sandals. We emphasize the waist with a belt or belt of medium width.

By the way, a very useful accessory: it quickly tames light summer dresses and flying skirts, returning them from heaven to earth and adding “heaviness” to business attire.

If you add caramel sandals, which we talked about recently, and a plain Bottega-style bag to the same beach jumpsuit, you’ll get quite an urban street style. Rihanna, by the way, commissioned such a mesh skirt in 2012. She also wore it at parties, in the world and on the beach. We trust Riri’s taste and noticed on social networks that it would be a fashion sin not to acquire such a novelty this season. Once – and the beach look looks expensive, twice – and you can go straight from the coast to a cafe. If your summer skirt can’t do this, why do you need it?

Text: Anastasia Baranova

Source: The Voice Mag

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