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Heading for zero: Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid and Nastya Ivleeva show how to wear vintage and be in trend

What was fashion like in the early 2000s? It was the era of “fast” trends that quickly gained popularity and just as quickly burned out. At the turn of the era, entering the new millennium, people wanted to look like representatives of the bright, carefree future they expected: glamorous, bright, free, easy. The technological boom had a great influence on the fashion of those years: shiny things, iridescent shades of black (reminiscent of a computer or mobile phone screen, player), reflective metal elements, rhinestones, beads, glasses without diopters in the spirit of “screen protection” became extremely popular. Headphones and phones of various colors and shapes have become a complete accessory that emphasizes the individuality of the owner.

Today, appealing to the fashion of the “zero” is called “Y2K style” – recalling the technical term that programmers of the late 1990s used to refer to the “Year 2000 problem” (due to the fact that computers could only process the last two digits of numbers denoting the year – and the advent of a new millennium could cause serious system failures). Fortunately, this did not happen, but the term was fixed in history as one of the symbols of the transitional era.

Hailey Bieber perfectly demonstrates the trend to zero
Hailey and Justin

The 2000s are the time of the triumph of all kinds of jewelry: chain belts, large pendant earrings with stones, massive necklaces with turquoise, crystals, large beads; this is a fashion for chokers, ethnic-style pendants, massive bangle bracelets on both hands; this is a fashion for frayed edges, fabric “spreading” at the seams, cuts, micro-skirts and crop tops, as if inadvertently demonstrating piercings or underwear with rhinestones … The beginning of the 2000s is the peak of the popularity of denim and corduroy tracksuits, sunglasses – aviators, rubber bracelets, ballet flats and platform shoes.

Kendall Jenner

Yes, fashion is cyclical, but it never repeats exactly. Aesthetics, mood, sometimes styles, colors are returning – but in order to look relevant, you can’t just get things out of an old closet and fully put them on. You need to be able to combine vintage with modern trends.

By the way, it was from the 2000s that references to mode previous decades. For example, hoop earrings trend from the 70s experienced a rebirth in the 2000s, at the suggestion of pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna. It seems to me that the fashion for the 70s – flared, hippie and ethnic – is now actively returning, as then, to the “zero”: we see a large number of handmade products, macrame, hand knitting in fashion collections. If you are interested in this style, you can pay attention to the Chloé collection.

Chain-belt Lions

Bella Hadid shows the trend for the 2000s both on the red carpet and in everyday life

Straight silhouettes and Twiggy, metallic from the 1960s are unlikely to become a global trend, but it should be noted that there is enough vintage of that period in jewelry – these are plastic, geometric things. They never lost their positions because they look very good. Things from the 80s and 90s have not yet won back: the trend for the 90s has been holding on for quite a long time, for several years. Many trends of those years became hits, for example, massive chains: they are still in demand, they are loved and added to images with pleasure. That is, in a modern actual wardrobe, you can and should have things of different directions and eras – after all, both in the “zero”, and today, these trends move in parallel, not excluding each other.

Nastya Ivleeva already has a whole collection of vintage
Olga Leffers

Source: Hellomagazine

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