Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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The main rule of the summer: dare to wear a leopard print like Queen Heidi Klum?

If you write “leopard things” in a search query, then a whole ton of pages like “love or hate” or “what you absolutely shouldn’t wear dangerous print with” will land on you. It turns out that you can style a predatory print only with care, with caution? No matter how!

We repeat it like a mantra: this summer we choose bold designs. We repeat three times. It’s time to go beyond! For the sake of objectivity, we have already seen enough sober images – total black, total white and all shades of modest beige. Sufficient! Predatory impression – this is what you can see from afar. And in vain Heidi doubts that we will find her in a leopard image against the backdrop of the urban jungle – she writes in social networks, flirting with us, they say, does she merge with the background? Don’t merge! And we ourselves are ready to go from minimalism to predatory prints to match this predatory cat. Yes, we are talking about Klum.

So it was decided: we boldly put on a leopard and go out into the city. Just be prepared for passers-by to turn their necks watching your cat’s gait. And they can be understood – who will lose sight of such a “predator”? Previously, we would certainly advise to dilute the expressive impression with one basic thing – we repeat it every time, for the sake of warning. Kate Moss, (that ever-fashionable hooligan) then in 1994 added a leopard print bag to jeans and a white T-shirt. But that’s just an accessory, and Heidi Klum, here, is putting on all of a sudden and looking stunning at the same time!

The fiery blonde, guided by the golden rule “more is better”, decided to take everything from life and predatory print. And that’s not bad: the leopard print has been loved, adored and worn for a very long time. What is Jacqueline Kennedy’s mythical spotted coat worth – an icon! And this, for a second, is 1968. But, let’s face it, vague doubts still haunt us: an animal print is when an easy gesture and a poorly designed jumpsuit can ruin the whole image.

But Klum perfectly solved this problem with an asterisk: a shirt, pants, a massive bag – everything was in a leopard print, only the legs and head remained without stains. We do like Heidi, we experiment with predatory motives and are not shy. And to those who will argue and condemn, urgently throw a photo of the model!

Text: Anastasia Baranova

Source: The Voice Mag

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