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Treasure seekers, let’s go! Guide to Russian vintage shops

For a vintage Dior bag, many fashionistas are ready to kill – and it happens. It’s good that we know a way to do without victims. Grab your comfiest shoes and get ready for a marathon – a vintage shopping marathon. We don’t promise battles, like in the movie “Shopaholic”, but it won’t be about cool and cheap finds.

Do you often remember who you wanted to be as a child? A princess, a doctor, an archaeologist or maybe a pirate? It’s funny, but as a child we know ourselves much better and we know our desires than at a more advanced age. Then there are no boundaries for you, your imagination works to the fullest, and there are almost no fears and public opinion … Psychologists recommend to listen to your inner child more often and to do what he asks. And our purchase requests!

To some extent, this is not childishness, but good psychological study – the search for answers to the questions “How do I want to look?”, “How do I want others to see me?”, “How do I want myself?”. To find the answers, don’t take your image choices too seriously. When we start to weigh down the buying process with our doubts, all the fun and spark of the inner child disappears. And who needs such a sad, grumpy shopping trip? That’s why we love vintage stores so much! In them, every purchase is like a treasure hunt – fun, curious, cool!

Kamode cuvée

Elegance and expensive materials. True luxury! Here you will find the most iconic brands. Even Bella Hadid would envy a Christian Dior handbag from the 1980s. And that’s not all! Dolce boots, Saint Laurent jeans are just a few of what you can find here! If you like natural hues, good fabrics and unusual things to create a basic wardrobe, this is definitely worth a look.

My trans grandmother

The expression “grandmother’s cupboard” is no longer considered an insult! Especially when it comes to unusual styles and interesting colors. Yes, our grandmothers were those fashionistas! But if your stuff wasn’t saved, my trandy grandma did it for her. From the leopard beret to the same corset. Here, you can create a total look with an animal print if you’re feeling super daring!

online market

We regularly talk about the hottest trends. Low waist, cargo, denim tops – it’s all there – no, not on the red carpet of 2000, but on the Linia market. But in vintage shopping, as in hunting, responsiveness and speed are important. If you’re lucky, you might grab a piece of fashion history.

Via Dolorosa

Oh that Louis Vuitton! Who else, apart from Kylie Jenner, hasn’t had time to buy the legendary bag, we’re with you! But don’t be sad, because for that we have Vintage kapsula. And where there are bags, there are new (old) shoes! Elle Woods would certainly be proud of our deductive skills. Now it will not be difficult to find the culprit of our unforeseen expenses. The store does not have a website, but you can visit it in Moscow, Starokonyushenny per. 35s2

Ain’t It Vintage Metrics

By the way, for lovers of more economical quality vintage, we also have advice. And no, it’s not just a friendly vest in which you can cry at the time of grief over the salary. It’s more like a lifeline. Grab it and pack to boot! Why? At Does’t Vintage Metrics, it’s your ticket to the box office. Take as much as you can and at a promotional price! Dad’s old sweaters, “ugly” sweaters, and you already have the mood of an American student walking around campus. Except without manual and tests – perfect.

Text: Anastasia Donskikh

Source: The Voice Mag

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