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Dress your body in a veil of beauty and freshness

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And exactly that – even in one step – the Intensive Hydrating Spray with living collagen, hyaluronic acid and noni fruit extracts fulfills.

“Living water” – this summer’s hit, which you simply must have

“This moisturizing face and body spray with living collagen is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and paraben-free. In no case does it apply to him that there is not much music for little money.” reviews collagen spray Eva Sojková, founder of the Wellness Club collagen consulting center NEZESTÁRNI.CZ, which has been dealing with the effects of various types of collagen for more than 30 years. He literally says about this spray that it is “addictive” and those who try it once, keep coming back for it…

You know that feeling when you’re walking through the sun-baked streets and you’re thirsty. You can easily drive it away with the water you have ready in your purse. But your tired skin still craves a shower and refreshment…

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You can change that right now

All you have to do is throw a spray with living collagen into your handbag along with the necessary water. It will give your tired skin delicious “sips” of invigorating freshness and hydration at any time of the day, which will leave your skin naturally hydrated, flexible and silky smooth even on hot days. In addition, the spray fixes make-up, so you can carry it in your handbag and use it several times during the day to quickly refresh the skin, soften and reduce wrinkles, revive tired skin and firm the contours of the face. You will also appreciate the spray on vacation by the sea, where the skin suffers excessively from drying out and ages much faster.

Expert experience

We had the composition of the collagen spray made to order, we waited 3 years for it, but the patience paid off. As part of the trial programs of the NEZESTÁRNI.CZ Wellness Club, we tested it and the results were absolutely extraordinary. We also experimented in different ways, and therefore I can recommend this advice too 🙂

For even greater freshness and tan retention

Try to cool the spray in the refrigerator and spray this refreshing spray on your face, hands, or body several times during the day, but also in the evening after a whole day of sunbathing. You will see how even reddened skin will calm down and will not be overdried. You will definitely not come back from this year’s vacation with new “summer” wrinkles. The skin of the whole body will remain beautifully hydrated and supple, and even after returning from vacation it will not be so flaky. You will surely be pleased that even a bronze tan will last much longer than you are used to.

Spray for travel, to work and in the car compartment

Right now is the best time to use the moisturizing spray with living collagen to refresh and hydrate the skin even on long journeys in air-conditioned cars, planes, buses, trains… I also recommend it to smokers, whose skin ages much faster due to the sun’s rays , but also to everyone who works in air-conditioned offices or in various air-conditioned shopping centers or halls…

Are you asking why?

Because few people know that it is thanks to air conditioning that our skin is dried out and, willy-nilly, we suffer from premature skin aging. The skin also suffers from the same problem in winter, when we heat the rooms with central heating, the skin is overdried and we alternately expose it to frost, wind, and sleet. We burden it in such a way that the skin often does not even have the strength to take a deep breath.

Therefore, remember that collagen spray gives your skin delicious sips of invigorating freshness in winter and in hot summer, and even during temperature fluctuations, it leaves the skin naturally hydrated, flexible, silky smooth and looking rested and youthful.

Tips for maintaining beautiful and firm skin with minimal wrinkles

To enhance the effects, we recommend applying rejuvenating and regenerating live, 100% natural collagen to moisturized skin Inventions® FACE on the face in the form of a hydrate. To begin with, the smallest package of 50 ml, which lasts about 2.5 months, is certainly enough.

You can buy original cosmetics and food supplements with living collagen in the importer’s e-shop at

Source: Moda

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