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Louis Vuitton presents a new version of the iconic LV Trainer, which takes the concept of sustainability to a whole new level.

LV sneakers

A revolution in sustainability

LV Trainers are an attractive combination of creativity, sustainability and ecological design. Their ultra-graphic silhouette is 90% made from recycled and organic materials. You can choose one of three color variants, which are decorated with the iconic Sustainable Development logo. This original model, created by Virgil Abloh, is new to the Louis Vuitton collection. It is the embodiment of the innovative spirit of the fashion house Louis Vuitton and the beginning of a new chapter of eco-design. The sneakers are made in the Louis Vuitton manufactory in Fiesso d’Artico, Italy. They are the result of a very complex production process. They combine ecological design with unique craftsmanship and codes of circular creativity.

Source: courtesy of LV

They are a true icon in the world of sportswear. Each part of the shoe has been meticulously produced and selected to fulfill the fashion house’s commitment to our planet, without any compromise with respect to the standards of creativity and quality of the Louis Vuitton fashion house. The sole is a key component with regard to lightness and comfort. It is composed of a unique 94% recycled polyurethane and offers maximum impact resistance that can cushion and at the same time provide great support for the foot. All this mainly thanks to the use of an inner lining made of recycled cotton and an insert made of fully recycled polyurethane. The upper part of the shoe consists of recycled polyester in combination with corn-based plastic material. The laces are made of recycled plastic, the tongue is made of recycled polyester. The loops work with 91% recycled polyurethane.

Source: courtesy of LV

They thought of everything

The sneakers are available in sizes 4 to 15.5 US numbering. This visual representation of Louis Vuitton’s upcycling philosophy has become a symbol of the fashion house’s commitment to sustainable development. The sneakers with the logo in white with green accents will be on sale from August, the red and black variant will be available from September. The logo also appears on the inside of the shoe box, which is made entirely of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Due to the ingenious handle, the box easily turns into a bag. Thanks to this design, there is a 70% saving in materials to ensure the minimum possible environmental impact with regard to transport and storage. In addition, the fashion house Louis Vuitton decided to use plant-based ink and left the inner part of the original packaging completely unmodified. Included in the package is a felt shoe bag, which represents the sustainable protection of the LV Trainer – it is made of Tencel material, a renewable fiber from sustainably grown forests.

Source: courtesy of LV

Source: Moda

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