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From pillow to bagel: the main bags of fall 2022 – what will we wear in the new season

Can you feel it? The air is a bit cooler, the wind is a bit more violent and the sun is not baking as wildly as in July. Autumn subtly hints that in a few weeks it will fall on us with rains and cool evenings. The prospect is not cheerful – the only reassuring thing is that the most fashionable bags of the new season are simply amazing and will save even the simplest outfit.

If we chose an engraving for the ring of Solomon, we would write: “All will pass, and that too.” In addition to the love of bags, it is eternal. We can’t help it, we love all these hobos, shopping bags, clutches and backpacks. And designers, unfortunately, every season create such models that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with them. We won’t torment you with impatience and will immediately show you the most stylish bags from the Fall-Winter 2022 catwalks: time will tell which one will become the new it-bag, but which one you want to take home urgently, decide yourself !

pillow bags

If in autumn you are, like us, seized with an unbearable desire to sleep at your place of work or in transport, it will not be superfluous to fill up with a pillow bag. The Act #1 brand has some perfect options, although we recently found a similar one at VeraVenera.


2000s fashion is already sweeping away modern trends like a tsunami that can’t be stopped. If the era of pearlescent lipsticks comes after heart bags, we won’t be surprised. But wait, it’s already here!


These crescent-shaped models (or bagels) do not let go of the fashionist and threaten to remain in their hands for at least another season. And we don’t mind – comfortable, spacious and stylish bags have never bothered anyone.

huge bins

If you can’t carry half of the house with you in a bag and transfer a third of the luggage from the suitcase to it, passing through the check at the airport, then why is it necessary? Bottomless bags in the fall of 2022 are riding high and at the peak of popularity. We’ll fill them with plans for next summer and deadlines – we hope they survive.


If you only allow yourself glitz and glitter by the New Year, we suggest you reconsider your point of view. Shiny is never harmful, and in autumn too! Balenciaga, Cult Gaia and Off-White agree with us 100 percent: you’re a star, so don’t be ashamed of your genius.


The girl wraps herself in a fluffy blanket and stays home, the woman picks up her fur bag and goes to conquer the world. The action plan for the fall is as follows – are you with us?

Source: The Voice Mag

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