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How to dress for a wedding as a full-sized woman with a size XL

source: pixabay.com

Every woman is beautiful and the size of women’s clothing is long gone. The important thing is that in you feel good in your body. And it will suit you well on your wedding day. What dress for your body type will fit best and what color to choose so you don’t get too much attention you get deserves especially the bride.

Cut and color

It’s easier than it seems, but just choose a looser cut of the dress and you will look very elegant. She’s at the wedding best to choose soft tones, such as light pink, apricot, azure, greenish or natural skin tones. She’s at the wedding inappropriate white or blackyou are not a bride and you are not even going to a funeral.

Blue flowered dress Lady V London Lyra / blankastraka – 1690 CZK

Marciano all over print dress / guess – 2945 CZK

Short or long

The length depends on the time of year; if the wedding is in early spring or late fall, you will be around cooler and longer dresses they are more appropriate. On the contrary, on warm summer days, it is better to have less fabric, no matter how pleasant you are.

Floral oriental dress Boohoo / tamsin – 1299 CZK

Chiffon maxi dress Boohoo / tamsin – 2000 CZK

Where to shop and what color to choose

Women with a slender figure can shop, for example City Goddess, BOOHOO, Lady Vintage or Sheego. It’s more complicated with color, it depends on whether you’re a bridesmaid or a wedding guest. In the case of a bridesmaid, it is appropriate to adapt to the wishes of the bride or to choose the color in which the wedding takes place. In the case of a guest, you can choose the color according to your skin or hair. Blondes pink, turquoise, peach and purple. Brunettes dark blue, orange, yellow or cream. Brunettes again they stand out in red, white, but also pink. I’m screaming fits green, body or burgundy.

Red dress Sheego / remixshop – 1095 CZK

Green dress / ewoman – 1549 CZK

Lace / bonprix sheath dress – 999 CZK

Viscose dress reserved – 799 CZK

Source: Moda

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