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You will fall in love! 7 unbanal and extra-fashionable holiday looks in the main summer colors – blogger ideas

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The closer September 1 approaches, the more we feel the desire to meet urgently for summer adventures. Perhaps these are echoes of childhood, when before school you want to have such impressions and stories to have something to tell your classmates. It’s tempting to try something you couldn’t afford before… Let’s start with the brightest colors for this summer – let yourself be different, you’ll love it!

We propose to consider the August motto: “What was on vacation, stays on vacation.” Imagine how tired you are of the routine: even if your job is your favorite and everything is a joy, everyone needs a restart. We’re not impinging on the qualifications of a psychologist, but we’ve learned something for sure: the more life changes you make for those one or two weeks at sea, the better you’ll feel afterward. For example, if you usually run around town and in the office at breakneck speed, try retreat and meditation. And if you’re used to only wearing two or three shades, it’s time to try something new!

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Today we are going to tame with you the most intense and trendy colors of this summer. First, your vacation photos will turn out to be as spectacular as possible, if only thanks to a bold palette. Second, by looking at yourself in a new (literal) color, you reveal new facets of character – so speed away, mystery girl!

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We will start, of course, with fuchsia – this color has officially conquered the fashion charts of this season. Its crazy success is unlikely to happen again next summer, so let’s make the most of it! With comfy cargo pants, a swimsuit top, and pink slippers, you’ll be incredibly comfortable strolling the streets of an unfamiliar city and exploring new lands.


Saturated green “Bottegovsky” is no longer held in such high esteem as before, it is gradually being replaced by mint. The perfect shade to freshen up your look and refresh after a hot day at the beach. Therefore, we act on the principle of “less clothes is better” and choose a shirt with shorts. Simple, comfortable, elegant. And you can feel the breeze.


White is always a good idea, and even more so for the holidays. No other color accentuates tan quite like it does – we love it with all our hearts! To be fair, any summer outfit in white will look cool, but we’re betting on a combination of casual drawstring pants and a top. Minimalist slippers, a bag in your hand, you are simply luxurious, bambina!


Here, even rather, a combination of coral and lime – two supporting shades. One of the immortal summer jumpsuits that always look fresh and slightly childish – but in moderation! Perfect for crochet and patchwork techniques, so if you see a mini skirt that fits this description, grab it: we guarantee it will be one of your best summer buys.


Another cool, but not icy shade that will fit right into your vacation capsule. The image of the color of the southern sky and the sea has not bothered anyone yet, believe me! In addition, you can easily “walk” it even when you come home. On vacation, we simply add slippers or sandals to a roomy shirt dress, and in the city we put on sneakers.


To whom should you sell your soul to bring back such luxurious photos from vacation? We joke about the sales, of course, but buying a dress with a long sun skirt and a small pleat will not be superfluous. As it moves, it creates beautiful waves of fabric, and if you throw on a skirt for a photo, you get real sunshine. That’s why the yellow dress is a must!


When we see images in an orange hue, we always remember the words of Elle Woods: “Those who like orange don’t go well with their heads.” It’s rare that we disagree with the blonde beauty, but that’s exactly the case. In combination with lavender, this shade looks almost luxurious – in harmony with the Sicilian sunset. If a visit to Italy is not yet planned, a long tunic and loose orange trousers are absolutely necessary!

Source: The Voice Mag

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