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5 New Year’s resolutions for your skin

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photo: / Andrea PIacquadio

Whether you promise daily meditation, stopping some bad habits, or adding self-care, regularity and consistency will be the key. How to simplify and at the same time improve your quality of life thanks to simple steps in skin care?

Simplify your regular skin care routine

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We often think that the more skin care, the better the result. The opposite is often true. A regular routine about our skin must consist of basic steps that do not overload our skin. Give your skin an adequate amount of active ingredients that will benefit it, not too many peels and “nourishing masks” that, when used frequently, can break the skin barrier, worsen reddening of the skin and increase its sensitivity.

Include quality vitamin C

Whatever your skin type, you need vitamin C. For brightening effects, as a powerful antioxidant and for the proper functioning of individual skin layers.

Don’t give up retinols

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Retinols resp. Retinoids are effective in combating the first signs of aging, but also in acne or hyperpigmentation. But make sure your supplement really gives you what it promises.

Your skin is a mirror of your diet

After Christmas delights, you can look more tired and your skin turns yellower than usual. Now is the time to increase your antioxidant intake by eating lots of brightly colored fruits and vegetables that act in the deeper layers of the skin and protect collagen from ultraviolet light and air pollution, etc. Remember that the darker the color of fruits and vegetables, the more antioxidants contains. Also, make sure you get quality fats from fish, such as salmon, which is a great source of omega 3 and protein. Vegans and vegetarians can indulge in plenty of nutrients such as seaweed, cashew nuts or linseed oil. The key to radiant skin is adequate hydration. You can add cucumber, lemon or mint to the water to make it taste better.

Consistency above all

Our skin loves consistency. While it may be tempting to change cosmetics several times a year, the basic routine that works is worth its weight in gold. Thorough cleansing a maximum of twice a day, replenish vitamin C and SPF every morning, use moisturizer or oil in combination with rose water in the evening and consider including retinol in your regular care.

Source: Moda

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