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Future Shayk and Vodianova: the most promising Russian models

The modeling career is, to say the least, not easy. Since the stars of the catwalks began to reveal the dark secrets of the industry, those who want to enter the rays of the fashion spotlight have noticeably diminished. But that didn’t stop those who love modeling with all their heart and soul: in our selection there are talented and young models who only need a few years to become first-class celebrities. .

“Where do all these beautiful Russian women come from? – so begins an article on the American portal Slate, written in 2008. The whole text, as a whole, praises the appearance, style and personality of Russian women that l author encountered. “Although the word ‘beautiful’ doesn’t quite capture the phenomenon. The women I remember were extraordinarily, incredibly, incredibly beautiful,” the article says. Then, of course, the conversation turns to the career of Natalia Vodianova – a kind of symbol of how the beauty of Russian models conquered the world.

Natasha Poly, Irin Shayk, Vlada Roslyakova, Sasha Pivovarova, Anna Vyalitsyna – this list of beautiful and successful is endless. For generations, models from Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow, Perm and other cities captured the industry’s attention and held it in their graceful yet strong hands for years. This can already be considered a kind of modeling tradition: Russian models have a kind of dynasty. And it continues brilliantly.

In our small selection there are four talented and very special compatriots who have not only broken the veil of cultural “cancellation”, but also have every chance of becoming new superstars in the history of domestic modeling. You will soon hear their names everywhere – so it is worth getting to know each other in advance!

Tatyana Churbanova

The daughter of Orel debuted on the world podium in 2019, and after 3 years she became a real sensation. Loewe, Saint Laurent, Hermes, Fendi – the main fashion houses are behind Tatiana in the queue, and for a few years in a large industry this is a huge result. In just 4 seasons, the model took part in more than 20 major shows, and also starred for the Zara campaign, styled by Lotta Volkova herself.

By the way, at the start of her international seasons, Tanya was thinking of quitting modeling. In an interview with Blueprint, she admitted that she had recovered and wondered for a while if the study work, which she had to miss due to thefts, was worth it. But the scales nevertheless tilted towards the podium, although Tanya also continues to study. Well, it’s clearly a fateful decision: the fashion world has received a new star!

Oleg Sedantsov

We officially declare 2022 the year of Oleg Sedantsov, a model from Penza, whom Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada invited to the Prada show. Before that, the modest guy sang in his own group “PIKCHI! », rarely posted photos on social networks and never (!) marched on the catwalks. Her big modeling debut came in 2022 at one of the main shows of the season – what a start!

Miuccia generally likes to seek out new faces, “blessing” them with her influence. Participation in the Prada and Miu Miu fashion shows is a lucky ticket that all models dream of. Together with him, Oleg received an invitation to the Raf Simons show and entered the Forbes 30 to 30 list. “I don’t quite understand what happened, but I realize that it’s a amazing somersault of my life,” Oleg said. in an interview with Elle. The story in a million!

Sofia Korosteleva

The same girl from the sensational Prada show, whose photo was scattered on the Internet and entered the illustrations of the main trends of the fall. Everything coincided here: the type of Sofia, the luxurious appearance, the excellent image and the reputation of the fashion house, which is considered the pioneer of the future superstars of the industry. Starting a great career with a show of this level, how is it?

Sophia’s hypnotic gaze surprisingly fits into the agenda of Rokh and Miu Miu – in a word, we will see this girl even more often on the main catwalks of the world.

Angela Peresypkina

Angela sums up everything that has been buzzing in the industry in recent years. Scouts demand a mythical personality from recruits, whatever that means. The colorful model has everything to get on the career podium: a large audience of subscribers, a spectacular appearance, experience of working with major brands (up to Dolce & Gabbana).

Angela is also a favorite in Russia: she is the favorite of the Rasario fashion house and its designer Racida Lakoba. Even without checking the signs of the Zodiac, let’s say that their compatibility is perfect, and this collaboration is for the ages: a fiery and temperamental model and the scarlet aesthetic of the brand are made for each other. That’s why Angela has a bright future at Dolce: she and the fashion house are exotic.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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